SKT veteran player and mentor Benji depart SKT

3 Time World Champion Benji will be leaving SKT, it is unclear on his future

SKT’s decision to drop Benji is the one I don’t agree with the most, if not at all. While Benji barely played in the 2016 season, I’d argue that without him, SKT would not have been able to win the championships. When Blank was playing with the team, SKT performed fairly poorly as he as unable to exercise with his map pressure, unlike Benji who won all him games in the Semi finals and finals. If anyone, Blank should have been dropped instead of Benji, as Blank performed at a lower standard overall even though he did play more. The only reason I could think for Benji to leave SKT is either he got poached by a major team, or he is going to decide to retire.

Benji and Faker was widely regarding as the dream team, as the two would often play together and completely dominate the game with Faker’s god like mechanics and Benji’s map awareness and jungle control.