SKT vs C9 – Worlds 2016 – Post match discussion

The most anticipating match so far in Worlds saw SKT’s amazing performance to triumph one of North America’s best teams


This game was pretty disappointing on Cloud 9’s part. They fail to apply pressure on any lane and played safe against the superior SKT late game match up. As everyone knows, Lee Sin is a very early game champion who relies in his ganks in the early-mid game to get his team’s lanes ahead before falling off. However, Meteos on Lee Sin had almost no pressure partly due to SKT’s much more superior map awareness and vision control which prevented Meteos from making a impact. Sure meteos tried to gank his lanes, but failed to miss EVERY single Sonic wave (Q) until 19 minutes in the game at pretty much point balnk range.

Enough from C9 for now, lets talk about SKT. As mentioned before, SKT had AMAZING vision contro throughout the map which allowed laners to safely farm and zone out the enemy from even taking cs. At one point in the early – mid game, Faker was about to stand infront on C9’s mid tier turrent and zone Jensen from the entire minion wave. Faker’s knowledge of champion damage limit are amazing, and as a result he does not make poor decisions in lane, such as fighting recklessly which many players even in the world stage do.