SKT vs. CLG Finals – Mid Season Invatationals – Overview


SKT takes a clean 3-0 against CLG and are the champions for the 2016 Mid Season Invitationals!










SKT initially weren’t thought to be performing that their maximum potential and seemed to be slacking off, but the final’s game against CLG certainly proved everyone wrong.

Many thought CLG would take out the tournament or at the very least give SKT a run for the money, but SKT turned around and totally smashed CLG 3-0!



Game 1 (Game starts at 5:35)

SKT were had a huge lead against CLG in the early to middle game which allowed them to secure the first 3 dragons of the game. SKT did however make a major mistake in the mid game near the baron pit, where members were caught for free leading to a reasonably free dragon for CLG.

SKT in the end did take out the first game against CLG from the bottom lane fight 5 for 2 in favor of SKT.

Game 2 (Game starts at 2:40)

CLG secured first blood in the second game along with the rift herald going to CLG “Xmithie”. The early – mid game seemed fairly even between the two team, trading kills back and fourth evenly.

Unfortunately for CLG, everything went wrong at the 27 minute mark when SKT caught 3 of the CLG members and continued to snowball from there. Prior to the CLG demolition at 27 minutes, the two teams were even in kills at 7-7, after the unfortunate event of CLG they ended up losing 7-15 when SKT decided to push through their base.


Game 3  (Game starts at 5:05)

This game seems pretty close at the start, but since SKT got the early minor lead they just snowballed out of control. SKT capitalized the lead by obtaining uncontested dragons along with a few towers too.

CLG did seem to make a come back in the mid game, but SKT once again stepped their game up and cleanly finished the game.