SKT Wolf turns Jungler

SKT vs ROX Game 3, Wolf subbed as Jungler while Effort goes support

In a suprising twist of events, SKT has decided to sub out Bang in favour of Wolf. No one saw this coming considering SKT already has a substitute Jungler, in addition, Wolf has never been seen to compete as a Jungler competitively. The casters however did mention Wolf had been trying to jungle as an off role on his solo queue accounts.

Faker mentions in an interview that Wolf may be able to get much better at jungling in the near future, it is possible Wolf could remain a strong option as jungler for the remaining split. That said, he did make some mistakes such as overestimating his damage, giving up first blood early in the game. It is likely he will remain to play utility junglers if he fills the roll again, since that flows with his usual support play style.