SKTelecom T1 vs. ESC Ever Preview LCK Week 6, Day 3 – Summer Split 2016


SKTelecom T1 play ESC Ever on Week 6 of the 2016 LCK Summer Spring Split. The match will be played on Wednesday 29th of June at 9pm local time.

Surprisingly, in the 2016 Kespa Cup, ESC Ever took first place beating Samsung, CJ Entus and SKT. The reality is that it will never happen again.

As a rookie team playing against the best teams in the world, ESC are weaker in decision-making and macro play. They have the tendency to overstay their welcome during early game rotations and force questionable fights that further set them behind. To bring these flaws against a match with SKT is suicide.

SKT is the best team in the world; boasting first place in their early game (calculated through pre-15 minute gold leads/dragon control) and mid/late game rating. They play well regardless of what position they are in, whether that is a 10k gold lead or a 10k gold deficit. Duke, Faker and Bang all play with confidence and able to pop off and carry the entire team.

Overall ESC should get smack daddied back to the challenger scene.

Prediction: SKT 70% | ESC Ever 30% (2-0 SKT Victory)