SKTelecom T1 vs. Jin Air Green Wings – LCK 2016 – Week 10 – Day 1 Preview

This week we welcome back our winners of IEM Katowice, SKTelecom T1. However, despite their easy victories over international teams, SKT have yet to overcome their underlying problems against Korean teams. Last weeks game against the Afreeca Freecs was incredibly close; SKT was barely able to take the 2-1 series, with underwhelming performances from our superstar Faker and Duke.

On the other hand, Jin Air continue to prove themselves as top tier Korean team. Especially after a crushing (2-0) victory over KT Rolster last week. Jin Air excelled in macro game play, making many clean picks with Kuzan’s Azir and Chei’s Alistar. Clean and controlled team fighting allowed them to take an easy victory of KT.


As a team, Jin Air are relatively reactive and conservative, their gains are made from their side of the map based riskier plays made by the enemy. This is a similar play style to SKT, who are also conservative and paced. The turning point of this matchup will be how teams execute the early laning phase, and whether or not teams decide to lane swap and create diving options in the outer turrets. A key to winning this match-up is how and when turrets are taken. The team that can take away the outer ring of turrets effectively will be able translate that objective into more map pressure.

As a whole, Jin Air are without a doubt a bit better than SKT at the moment, with heavily underrated top and mid laners. They are one of the most methodical teams in the LCK, focusing on slowly scaling into the late-game, frequently using Baron buffs and dragon stacks to secure victory. I look forward to Jin Air’s late game team fights against SKT as well as Kuzan and Pilot stepping up to carry their team.


Prediction: SKTelecom T1 45% | Jin Air Green Wings 55%

Outcome: Jin Air victory (2-1)