SKTelecom T1 vs. Samsung Galaxy LOL LCK Week 12 Day 4 Tips, Odds & Preview

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SKTelecom T1 take on Samsung Galaxy on Saturday the 2nd of April in Day 4 of Week 12 in the LOL LCK.

SKTelecom T1

SKT are finally finding their jam this split, and the timing couldn’t be better; ROX dropped their first game and Jin Air are losing their form. At the heart of their recent surge in rankings, is none other than the god himself, Faker. Last weeks match up against CJ Entus, Faker got camped like no tomorrow. However, his individual ability to be highly impactful despite pressure placed on his lane. Faker thrives in this low economy, jungler magnet play style, with his team following up on his game changing plays.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung are also on a roll. Victory after victory after victory, they’ve disrupted the LCK standings by swiftly taking the easy match ups and upsetting the whole world by beating ROX Tigers and Jin Air. Samsung’s strong performances always start with Ambition’s aggressive jungle style leading the team to a successful early game. However, Samsung’s game two against Jin Air was a worrying sight. A forty minute game with no kills on Samsung’s table tells me that Samsung lacks consistency in their play and have become a team that is too reliant on a strong early game outcome to secure their victory.


While I’m all for an underdog victory, I believe that SKT have got the ball rolling and ready for a strong performance in the playoffs.

Prediction: SKTelecom T1 65% | Samsung Galaxy 35%


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