SKYTTEN Leaves Orgless

Orgless have announced that they have parted ways with Alexander “SKYTTEN” Carlsson with immediate effect.

Skytten had been a part of the team since mid February when the team parted ways with Tabu due to school commitments.

They had a fantastic run with Skytten and placed second to Ancient at the Pantamera Challenge. They also won the Uprise Champions Cup defeating Flipside in the finals.

However internal differences seemed to have cropped up as the team decided against keeping Skytten in the team. The reason given was “different views on how to play the game”

For the time being, the final spot will be taken by former Acer and London Conspiracy member Fredrik “slap” Junbrant, who has joined the roster on a trial basis.
SkyttenStars and in Operation:Kinguin #2, now have:

  • Flash
  • Deadfox
  • maeve
  • BarBar
  • Slap