SMITE Oceania Pro League Qualifiers Review

SMITE pro league season 3
The SMITE Oceanic Pro League Qualifiers took place over 27th-28th of Feb and 5th-6th of March to determine the teams joining Dire Wolves and Pandamonium (previously Avant Garde) in the Pro League. Over 50 games of SMITE and close to 70 hours of gameplay were played and now the Pro League is filled up. With all the exciting matchups in the qualifiers there is no doubt that the Pro League will be full of amazing games.

Week 1


GetSauced consists of 3 members of Integral Nation from last year’s PAX Regional Finals, LiquidRenegade from SYF Gaming and ElChuckles from Dire Wolves. The team has already synergized and become great friends to create what can be described as “The Meme Team” by their coach, Lydia, a well-known personality in SMITE and co-owner of the European team PARADIGM.
GetSauced placed first losing only 1 game out of 8 to Take2. They are now 3rd seed in OPL.

Solo – ElChuckles
Jungle – LiquidRenegade
Mid – Maus
Support – Tomahawk
Hunter – Robdigidy


Take2 is made up of members from Chiefs Esports Club and SYF Gaming from the Pro League in 2015 as well as some new faces to the Pro scene. Shred and Slycy are the 2 new members to competitive SMITE but both are well known players in ranked. The team is looking to start fresh and, much like their name suggests, have their second shot at being the top team in Oceania.

Take2 had a nice start to the day but lost to SIN Gaming and were sent down to the losers bracket where they went 5-0 to secure a place in the finals and unfortunately lost to GetSauced. Take2 are 4th seed in the Pro League.

Solo – iDivine
Jungle – Shred
Mid – Slycy
Support – Tomolomu
Hunter – Gruff

Week 2

Week 1 was full of great plays and edge-of-your-seat matches, week 2 was nothing less. Quadra kills and even Penta kills were had. Interesting invades and strange Relic pickups made for very curious matches in the semi-finals.

Ghazali Jaafar

Ghalazi Jafaar is made up of members from Defiance, Invidious and Dire Wolves. JustLaney, who was thought to be retiring this year due to studies, has decided to give competitive SMITE one more try. Defiance and Invidious both disbanded after week 1 and now with this current roster the team look to be a top contender in Oceania.

Ghazali Jafaar’s journey started well as they didn’t lose any matches until the quarter finals where they lost to SIN Gaming and were knocked into the losers bracket where they came back to meet SIN again in the finals. They took revenge and took the series 2-0. Ghalazi Jafaar are 5th seed for the Pro League.

Solo – theBeasttt
Jungle – UltimateAbyss
Mid – LloydInSpace
Support – Desacrator
Hunter – JustLaney

SIN Gaming

SIN Gaming has a mixed roster of players from COG Clique, Integral Nation and Team Solo Theo. The youngest member of the team, Hs247, is also making his first appearance on a main roster in competitive play. The team has their eyes set on making LAN and have certainly made their presence known taking down teams who were expected to make Pro League.

The team played very well in week 1 but fell to GetSauced in the quarter finals, and Defiance in a losers round 6 match and were knocked out. Week 2 was much more promising for SIN from the get go, they won all 4 of the first matches to get to the finals without dropping a single game. They were met with Ghazali Jafaar, who SIN defeated in the winners brackets quarter-finals. The team fought hard but fell 0-2 to Ghazali and placed 6th seed in the Pro League.

Solo – Faunkeh
Jungle – Hs247
Mid – Agony
Support – Horizon
Hunter – TemperWolf

2016 has started with a bang and everyone excited for the first split of the SMITE Oceanic Pro League season. This year will be fantastic and full of hot plays, exciting games and emotions that will fill the hearts of everyone.

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