SMITE Oceanic Pro League Week 2 Recap

SMITE pro league season 3

Another week of OPL completed and to think we’re already half way through the split is astonishing. The CGPL LAN is definitely coming up quick. Teams have now fallen into places where we will most likely see them stay for the rest of the split but we cannot make assumptions in such an explosive and surprising League where no very few expectations became the outcomes.

SIN Gaming vs Tainted Minds

No bets were allowed in this match as both SIN and Tainted Minds had things to prove. The games were very different from last weeks and will be different from future weeks as both teams were forced to use substitutes. Agony was not able to play for SIN Gaming so they moved TemperWolf to mid and had EmptyWolf play Hunter. The captain and support for Tainted Minds, Tomolomu, was also not able to play this week so they brought in Weave.

Game one was almost all burst-damage gods. Odin, Isis, Chiron, Freya, Nu Wa and Neith all made it into play. These picks made for an explosive game but the sustain from Sylvanus on the side of Tainted Minds was very useful in keeping the team alive through SINs massive damage. Freya jungle was also a big surprise and Hs247 did a great job playing her. Not often do we get to see Sylvanus either but Weave certainly pulled it off.

The game was back and forth through the early and mid game with Tainted taking the early game and SIN taking the mid game. But, another turn around through one team fight in the solo lane resulted in Tainted Minds taking Fire Giant and pushing for the win.
Game two picks were similar to game one however a certain bug which everyone wants exterminated got through the bans and Tainted Minds was able to pick. Khepri being able to revive team mates is such a large advantage to the team and Weave made full use of this. Freya jungle was the flavour of the night for Hs247 as he picked it once again.
Hs247 was able to carry through the early and mid-game going 3/1/2 by 20 minutes but alas, the team play and strength of the recently buff Anhur in the hands of gruff were too much for SIN to handle and they fell 0-2. Tainted Minds are now sitting happy in second place while SIN falls to third.

Watch the VOD here:

Pandamonium vs Dire Wolves

The most anticipated game of the split… done in a collective 51 minutes. Dire Wolves have surely fallen further than anyone could have expected in what was once the closest match up of the entire region has now become nothing short of a cake walk for Pandamonium.

The picks for game one both had different strengths and weaknesses. Dire Wolves with Apollo, Athena and Tyr were strong in the early game and was great for making picks. They also had great split push potential. Pandamonium with Sylvanus, Janus, Awilix and Sobek were all fantastic for the late game and also making picks with Awilix’s ultimate.

The game started out much slower than last week’s matches for Pandamonium as they knew the weakness of their composition was in the early game, as Swaya outlined in the MVP interview. Dire Wolves looked to be aggressive but the passiveness of Pandamonium kept them from getting anywhere. The snowball began for Pandamonium around the 13 minute mark where a massive team fight ended in Subfloor getting a triple kill with one kill going over to Ochita. From there they were able to win every fight and take gold fury whenever they pleased. 10 minutes later Dire Wolves surrendered.

In game two, Maxen stole Awilix away from Rowe who had too much of an impact on his favourite god for Dire Wolves to risk it again. The burst composition from Dire Wolves looked to be a sure-fire way to win team fights. Pandamonium jumped on their horses and picked up Guan Yu with which Rowe had another great performance on last week.

Dire Wolves took an early lead through a very slow early and mid-game. A passive game from Pandamonium once again lead them to victory in the late game. Taking a gold fury and diving behind a tier 1 tower as soon as they hit their power spikes, exerting as much pressure on Dire Wolves as they could as fast as they could. Though Yada was able to secure two towers in the left lane it seemed as though all of Dire Wolves were not on the same page through the match and they fell in a swift 0-2. Dire Wolves are now in fifth place while Pandamonium keep their first place with no losses win streak going, could we see another flawless split repeat?

Watch the VOD here:

Avant Garde vs Trident Esports

Trident and Avant are both sitting at the bottom of the table eager to reach higher and hoping to make LAN. With the current state of Tridents roster, it doesn’t look as though they will be able to make LAN as they would need to win every game in the rest of the split to have any chance of getting to the split 1 finals.

Game one picks were similar to Dire Wolves for Trident as they had Athena, Apollo and Tyr, this time with an Agni mixed in they were ready to catch Avant off guard. Maus was able to play Janus and Liquid Renegade picked up Thor, both with global presence they were able to help anyone from a large distance away.

The game started messily as both teams were trading kills between each other and failing to take any more of a lead than the other. The turning point of the game came when Avant Garde took the second gold fury of the game. It gave them the lead in gold and a boost in confidence to keep fighting. The fights were in Avant’s favour after that moment and they were able to eventually win one last team fight to barrel down mid and close the game.

Game two team compositions followed this week’s trend of late game vs early game with a lot of burst. Trident picked Zeus for theBeasttt with Serqet floating around the jungle. Avant Garde stuck with their guns of Sobek, Thor, Janus and Sylvanus, picking up Hou Yi for Robdigidy.

Trident flipped from last game taking the early game and showing Avant that they still have some competition left in them. Avant returned kills where they could but the graphs shot towards Avant’s side when ElChuckles stole the Gold Fury with a swift Tail Whip. From there they proceeded to dominate fights and pressure in all lanes. After Avant took the second tier 2 tower of the game they were in prime position to close the game and make it 2-0, however being too eager to finish they over extended and lost a fight in the solo lane which Trident were able to secure Fire Giant from. Trident grouped and took down every remaining tower Avant had left standing. After a few more fights Trident were able to win one last fight and close the game out bring the set to 1-1.

Once again burst and pick potential were the picks in game 3. Bastet and Sobek for Trident was to be their preference while Avant Garde pulled out Amaterasu, Bellona and Medusa. The Athena & Medusa combination would definitely show Trident who is boss.

Game 3 really showed how close this matchup was in terms of fighting. Through the first 20 minutes the fights were back and forth but Avant Garde were all over the map pressuring and taking all the towers they could, losing only one of their own. Trident were on their last legs and Avant Garde swept the rug from under them in the last fight. Elchuckles secured a Triple Kill and Avant looked towards the Titan and were the winners of the match. Trident are now 6th place while Avant push ahead of Dire Wolves comfortably in 4th place.

Watch the VOD here:


1st – Team Pandamonium
2nd – Tainted Minds
3rd – SIN Gaming
4th – Avant Garde
5th – Dire Wolves
6th – Trident Esports

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