Smite Oceanic Pro League Week 3 Recap

SMITE pro league season 3
Quite possibly the longest weekend of SMITE games in Oceania, Super Week filled viewers with excitement, energy and even a little confusion. Of course stasis mode and technical difficulties made their weekly appearance too.

Day 1


Pandamonium vs Tainted Minds

The battle for first place. Pandamonium had gone undefeated in previous weeks with Tainted Minds closely following, only losing one game. This match was the battleground for who would take first seed at LAN.

The first game was a little messy from what we’d normally expect from Pandamonium. Though they took the early game it was in the mid game where they dropped the ball. Late rotations and poor team fighting lost them control of the game. Tainted played out of their minds and were able to dominate in the late game.
The second game was more along the lines of expectations. Rowe played his Awilix and every member of Pandamonium had some way of knocking Tainted Minds up to setup for Rowe’s Gravity Surge. His map presence, ganks and a team fight around the Gold Fury set them on a path to snowball the rest of the game, tying the series.
The series finale kept the crowd interested and was the closest game of the series. Both teams were fairly even for the first 20 minutes of the game until Pandamonium all rotated to the solo lane where they made a pick… and another… and another… then a tier two tower. Thankfully for Tainted Minds, Gruff had split push the duo lane to take a tier one and a tier two tower to keep them even in gold. The end game was reached when Rowe assassinated Gruff at the start of a team fight resulting in a Fire Giant, Phoenix and Gold Fury for Pandamonium and eventually the game.

Watch the VOD here:

Tainted Minds vs Trident Esports

Second place taking on sixth place. If Trident had any tricks up their sleeve this was definitely the match to use them. With nothing to lose for Trident and Tainted Minds looking for another win this match certainly piqued the audience’s interest.
Early aggression was the story of the game for Trident taking the lead in gold and kills, however Tainted Minds had other plans in the mid game. They pushed off the back foot and fought back to gain their own lead and worked together to pressure Trident into their own territory. Tainted barely ever left each other’s side and were able to close the game in 28 minutes.

Team communication was close to flawless this game for Tainted Minds as they executed some of the biggest and explosive ganks we’ve seen this split. Tomolomu and Shred focused the mid lane and synergized their ultimate’s to demolish TheBeast and UltimateAbyss sending Slycy rocketing ahead. Continuing their communication and refined mechanics, Tainted Minds were able to snowball and swiftly take the match 2-0.

Watch the VOD here:


SIN Gaming vs Avant Garde

Third place vs fourth place. This match was another close one and would determine who would stay, or take, the last spot in the top half of the leaderboard. Both teams are closely matched and willing to prove who the better team was. Another week without Agony in the mid lane for SIN Gaming is a hefty toll for their standings but EmptyWolf was ready to stand up to the plate one more time.
It was made very clear this would be a close match as first game was neck and neck for the first 13 minutes. After which Avant Garde switched on and battled their way through the front line of SIN to wreak havoc on their carries. Slowly but surely Avant Garde were able to take down every structure of SIN to close out the game.

Once again it was shown how even these teams are currently as, in game 2, the gold difference in the first 20 minutes was never above 2000 and the kill count was always within 3 kills of each other. Great team fighting from SIN Gaming told us they weren’t going down without a hard fought battle. Their lead took them to 10 kills up until Avant Garde turned the game around and killed 4 members of SIN, then turned for the Fire Giant. Avant Garde’s willpower and determination were able to pull them through to take the match 2-0.

Watch the VOD here:

Day 2

Pandamonium vs SIN Gaming

After being knocked to 4th place in the rankings, SIN Gaming had their toughest match yet. Pandamonium have been on point all split but Tainted Minds revealed a chink in Pandamonium’s armour. SIN Gaming had one chance to take advantage of this.

Rowe showed again how he can control the map to his liking on Awilix. The early game was hugely in favour of Pandamonium as they were up 6-1 in kills at 10 minutes. The trend of dominating performance continued throughout the entire game. SIN Gaming were unable to amass to any kind of lead and found no holes in the armour, sword or shield of Pandamonium.

The second game was by far the most interesting game of the split… and the shortest. SIN Gaming decided to pick Vulcan for the mid lane and Anubis in the jungle. We were able to see first blood for Pandamonium then, 4 minutes into the game Stasis mode arrived. For those unaware, stasis mode is a built in function in SMITE spectator where the replay (broadcasts are spectated from replays and not live games) does not load and requires time to ‘buffer’. Sometimes it will load but more often than not the replay will never continue playing. The winner of this game was definitely Stasis Mode but the victor of the match was Pandamonium ending it 2-0.

Watch the VOD here:

Avant Garde vs Dire Wolves

A rare occurrence where all players but one were at PAX Regionals last year happened in this match. Maxen the only one left out at PAX was looking to make it to LAN to show he has what it takes along with the rest of Dire Wolves. Avant Garde needed this win to stay in 3rd place otherwise Dire Wolves would take it from them.
For the beginning of the first game, Dire Wolves’ only lead was in the duo lane as Yada soloed Robdigidy but the other members of Avant Garde took their lanes in convincing fashion. 5.5k gold was the highest lead for Avant Garde before Dire Wolves swung the ball in their court. 40 minutes, a lot of map pressure, an unmatched number of team fights and two Fire Giants later, Dire Wolves took the game with Yada in the enemy base along with some helpful winions.
Dire Wolves were not having any of what happened at the start of the first game again. From the get go they were eager to push for a 2-0 but Avant were still standing in their way. Avant looked tilted and were out of sync from last game, however, they weren’t about to let Dire Wolves take the set without pushing hard for it. Unfortunately Dire Wolves took the upper hand and snowballed from the mid game, took Fire Giant and closed the game without hesitation to make the series 2-0.

Watch the VOD here:

Dire Wolves vs Trident Esports

On paper this match should be a stroll in the park for Dire Wolves. UltimateAbyss was not able to play for Trident and they had to sub in FushyLove (a player not known to many for being particularly skilled) for the Hunter role and Laney stepped into the Jungle. Laney playing against his former team mates was curious to watch.
Right off the bat, Laney took first blood on Maxen at the mid camps and made it known he wasn’t about to go easy on them. Almost immediately after, he jumped on Kikiomeo and took the second kill of the game. Dire Wolves looked almost baffled by his early kills. They gritted their teeth and fought back to take not just the lead in the game but every structure down the path to Tridents Titan and secured game one.


Dire Wolves, with some of the best experience in every role on their team had no remorse for Trident in the second game. 20 minutes in they were up by 10k gold and 17 kills. The game looked like a ranked, or even a casual game where every lane was superior for Dire Wolves and Trident had no answer but to surrender at 23 minutes. It would have been nice to see a better ending to the last game of Super Week but constantly losing can take its toll.

Watch the VOD here:


1st – Team Pandamonium
2nd – Tainted Minds
3rd – Dire Wolves
4th – Avant Garde
5th – SIN Gaming
6th – Trident Esports

There is only one possible way for the LAN participants to be anyone other than Pandamonium and Tainted Minds. At this point, Pandamonium are confirmed for LAN, however, if Avant Garde are able to win 2-0 against Tainted Minds AND Dire Wolves beat SIN Gaming then the win/loss rate of Dire Wolves would be higher than Tainted Minds and Dire Wolves would qualify for the CGPL LAN. All eyes will be on those 2 matches this week.

All Oceanic Pro League games are streamed at starting at 6pm AEST every weekend.