Smite SMITE World Championships Day 2 Tips, Odds and Preview – 2016

enemy smite
Excitement, surprise, astonishment, disappointment, sadness. Many emotions surrounded the first day of Smite World Championships making it a huge success and great start to the SWC!

Day 2 will feature the crowd favourites Cloud9 and Paradigm. These two teams were the top seeded teams from North America and Europe allowing them time to study their opponents from the first day of games.

Paradigm vs OMG B

Paradigm have had a long time to practise after coming first at the European Super Regionals. The games from Day 1 OMG B played are also a great source of information for Paradigm. These resources are significant advantages to the success rate of Paradigm along with the huge amount of experience they have at LAN events.
OMG B will have to pull something far above any expectation set for them in this match. The benefit for them is this match will be a best of three, so they have some breathing room. During Day 1 OMG B played very aggressively. If they can play this way again gaining early advantages they may be able to snowball the game.

Prediction: Paradigm 85% – 15% OMG B

Enemy vs Pain Gaming

Enemy took very convincing wins from Avant Garde and Fnatic in Day 1. They have been on an upward swing since Super Regionals and the momentum appears to be continuing into the SWC too.

Pain Gaming looked confident in the match against OMG B taking a well-deserved win. Unfortunately they fell in their next game against Epsilon Esports. Pain will need to have something spectacular up their sleeve to take down Enemy in this quarter final match.

Prediction : Enemy 75% – 25% Pain Gaming


Cloud9 vs Qiao Gu Reapers

Cloud9 have been the crowd favourite for a very long time. They have absurd mechanical skill and exceptional team synergy. The crowd backing them and the experience from winning SWC 2015 will be their greatest assets throughout this entire tournament. They are favoured by many to win the whole thing once again.
This will be QG’s toughest game this year. They all have to be on perfectly on point in this match with a great team composition otherwise Cloud9 will find their weaknesses and exploit them as early as possible. There is little chance for QG but the smallest chance means the real possibility of upsets.

Prediction: Cloud9 90% – 10% Qiao Gu Reapers

espsilon smite

Epsilon vs Fnatic

Epsilon took Day 1 by storm. Looking absolutely devastating in their first match against Isurus and then again when facing Pain Gaming. Their road to the quarter finals looked easy but now they must fight their friends and scrim partners, Fnatic. Their knowledge of each other will definitely make this match one to show the family.
Surprisingly, Fnatic lost to Enemy in their second game of Day 1. Expectations were for Fnatic to take that game but Enemy upsets struck again. Fnatic now have to play familiar faces which will undoubtedly mean they’ll play more confidently with better preparation.

Prediction: Epsilon 60% – 40% Fnatic