SMITE World Championships 2016 Overview

Smite world champs

After an eventful year of intense competition, epic plays, and major upsets, the SMITE World Championship has come around once again to test the skill and determination of the top teams from all around the globe.

Cloud 9 – North America

Dominating the Super Regionals, Cloud 9 lost only two games in three best-of-five sets. Cloud 9 took convincing wins over Cognitive Gaming, Team Eager and Enemy. A large portion of fans and experts predict that Cloud 9 making it to the grand finals. Cloud 9, the reigning world champions from the 2015 SMITE World Championships are back once again, seeking their second World Championship title.

Player to watch: Andinster in the jungle. His map control in the early game is the best in North America and will be a major factor opposing teams will consider when facing Cloud 9.


Solo – Kim “Baskin” Woon-young
Jungle – Andrew “Andinster” Woodward
Mid – Brett “MLC St3alth” Felley
Support – Rosario “JeffHindla” Vilardi
Hunter – John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Salter

Enemy – North America

The most surprising result of the North American Super Regionals was Enemy taking down not only Team SoloMid in the quarter-finals but also knocking out Team EnVyUs in the semi-finals. Enemy coming in as 5th seed from the pro league created two of the biggest upsets of the season. Enemy will be going to the SMITE World Championships sitting in the second seed from North America, determined to show the world that their skill level is far beyond expectations.

Player to watch: The Hunter, Vetium, is only 15 years old and excels with calculated mechanics and an aggressive playstyle. Teams will have to find a way to bring him down in the early game, if not Vetium will .


Solo – Ben “SaltMachine” McKinzey
Jungle – Jared “Adjust” Deline
Mid – Alexander “Khaos” Greenstein
Support – Louis-Phillippe “PainDeViande” Geoffrion
Hunter – Conor “Vetium” Roberts

Paradigm – Europe

Paradigm has taken the first place seed heading into SWC with one of the strongest rosters in Europe. Paradigm took a surprising but well deserved victory over Epsilon Esports in the finals of the European Super Regionals and has secured a spot in the quarter-finals of the world championships, giving them the opportunity to study their opponents.

Player to watch: TrixTank as support. His knowledge of the support role is the best in Europe. Trix has a superb ability to judge when to initiate and when to play passively. While he did not get the chance to play at last year’s world championships, TrixTank is ready to show his prowess at SWC 2016.


Solo – Jeroen “Xeliea” Klaver
Jungle – Anders “QvoFred” Korsbo
Mid – Emil “Lawbster” Evensen
Support – Jeppe “TrixTank” Gylling
Hunter – Kieran “Funballer” Patidar

Epsilon Esports – Europe

Epsilon were close to undefeated throughout all of the European Pro League, only dropping one game to Fnatic. The team was the number one seed heading into Super Regionals and taking out London Conspiracy in the semi-finals and moving into finals against Paradigm.

Many expected Epsilon to end the three-of-five games 3-0 or 3-1 against Paradigm but resulted in a 3-2 in favour of Paradigm. Epsilon is now looking to display their full potential at SWC and take first place in the 2016 SMITE World Championship.

Player to watch: Adapting fighting from the jungle. Adapting is regarded as the best jungler in Europe and some argue the best in the world. His map control and ability to force enemy carries into bad positions leads Epsilon to victory.


Solo – Peter “Dimi” Dimitrov
Jungle – Kennet “Adapting” Ros
Mid – André “Yammyn” Brännvall
Support – Emil “iRaffer” Stärnman
Hunter – Craig “emilitoo” Rathbone

Fnatic – Europe

Fnatic consistently places 2nd and 3rd in the Smite Pro League. They ended 21-7 in the European Pro League coming in to Super Regionals as second seed. As a surprise, they lost 0-3 to Paradigm in the semi-finals of Super Regionals but qualified for SWC after defeating Team Eager in a ‘Wildcard’ matchup where a North American and a European team battle against each other to take a spot in the SWC. Fnatic are resilient, strong willed and hungry to take out the competition at SWC and become the world champions.

Player to watch: Realzx in the hunter role. Realzx has a daring playstyle and is strengthened by his capabilities with every hunter god. Realzx has an excellent understanding of mechanics and is prepared for anything thrown at him during SWC. Look out for his ability to turn a losing fight around in his favour.


Solo – João “ManiaKK” Ferreira
Jungle – Benjamin “CaptainTwig” Knight
Mid – Joakim “Zyrhoes” Verngren
Support – Bo “Badgah” Katzenmaier
Hunter – Marcus “Realzx” Vining

Avant Garde – Oceania

Avant Garde were undefeated throughout all of the Oceanic Pro League and at the Oceanic Regional Finals. Avant Garde have been together for one year and has made one roster swap.

Their team synergy and dedication is among the strongest in the world. They have a spectacular ability to keep teammates alive during team fights. Avant Garde often make many small plays that build up to big leads and the final victory. While it is the first year of SMITE in Oceania, Avant Garde are prepared to show they are a top contender for the finals.

Player to watch: Rowe in the jungle. Rowe’s outstanding micro and macro play creates absolute devastation for Avant Garde’s opponents. He plays aggressively and loves to use strange but effective gods as Avant Garde’s jungler. Rowe’s large god pool, outstanding mechanical expertise and excellent strategical knowledge of the game make him a menacing opponent.


Solo – Declan “Sporks” Hargreaves
Jungle – Daniel “Rowe” Rowe
Mid – Jesse “Ochita” Jade-Cullen
Support – Kurtis “Biggy” Davidson
Hunter – Luke “Subfloor” Gougeon

Isurus Gaming – Latin America

Isurus dominated the Latin America scene ending with 20 wins and losing only 1 game. They continued onto the regional championships dropping no games and defeating Kaos Latin Gamers in a convincing 2-0. Isurus Gaming is more than ambitious to show their skill against the rest of the world.

Player to watch: AW4RNSS in the mid lane. AW4RNSS has a large god pool with perfect accuracy in all skillshots. His synergy with Onur is definitely one to keep an eye on as they take control of the early game with precise rotations. AW4RNSS has fantastic positioning, entering fights that would seem to be a clear loss but coming out with the advantage.


Solo – Agustin “N0zwer” Ibarra
Jungle – Rodrigo “Onur” Dalmagro
Mid – Ezequiel “AW4RNSS” Batisteza
Support – Martin “Betony” Bourre
Hunter – Bruno “extt” Guedes

Pain Gaming – Brazil

Pain Gaming’s experience is certainly an underdog story. They completed the Brazil Pro League in 3rd place with the majority of their matches ending in ties. Pain qualified for Arena X5 2 in which they took down Keyd Stars 2-0 and moved on to face INTZ. Pain Gaming took down INTZ 2-0 and proceeded into the finals to face them again as INTZ came up from the loser’s bracket. Unfortunately during the finals, Pain gaming lost 1-3 to INTZ.

Pain still qualified for the Regional Championships where they took down Santos Dexterity 3-2 and moved onto finals and once again they faced INTZ. The odds were in INTZ’s favour but Pain Gaming managed to win 3-1. They have taken their region by storm and now have their eyes set on triumphing at SWC.

Player to watch: Stalk3r in the Solo lane. Stalk3r plays with relentless push and dominates in solo lane allowing him to take an advantage over his opponent in gold and XP and transition swiftly into mid game. During the mid to late game, he maintains pressure on the enemy team, making picks on carries and taking advantages for his team to flawlessly win team fights.


Solo – Lucca “Stalk3r” Matthaus
Jungle – Airton “Madrugadão” Lima
Mid – William “SchultZen” Schultz
Support – Bruno “Nagare” Araujo
Hunter – Lucas Arkanjo“” Silva
Sub – Cauã “Delicia” Bizarro

Oh My God B – China

OMG B have been a top contender in China for a while now. Displaying their skill at the Chinese Regionals winning three best of three series and only dropping one game, in the finals against Qiao Gu Reapers. After an amazing play by Star on Hel from the Regional Finals OMG B have shown their mechanical skill is one to be feared by all.

Player to watch: Star in the mid lane. Star is known for an extremely well-played 1v3 turn around on Hel during the Chinese Regionals displaying god-like mechanics. He plays very aggressive and calculated resulting in some fantastic plays. Star will be fun to watch during all of OMG B’s matches.


Solo – Jin “DreamTooStrong” Peng
Jungle – Wu “BlueWhale” Guo-Yong
Mid – Xia “Star” Yi-Jin
Support – Fan “Stsk1” Mo-Chen
Hunter – Yin “Moonfall” Li

Qiao Gu Reapers – China

Qiao Gu Reapers have done a fantastic job at attracting international attention despite the little presence of SMITE in China. QG had a rough time in the Chinese Regionals as they were the only team not associated with OMG. They defeated OMG A and moved onto play against OMG B in the semi-finals. However, QG lost against OMG and finally proceeded to the loser’s bracket to win.

They secured a place in the grand finals against OMG B but lost 1-3. Their aggressive playstyle and strange picks like Anubis for Night in the mid lane, has drawn the attention of many.

Player to watch: Night the mid lane carry. Night is best recognised for his Anubis in the mid lane and is making a return to the world championships in 2016. While Anubis has the capacity to deal a lot of damage he lacks mobility and is easy to counter pick and be shut down. Night does not agree. He has played Anubis in the Chinese Pro League and Regionals and even forced OMG B to ban it in the grand finals.


Solo – Liu “Mikasa” Xin
Jungle – Zhong “Yuan” Xin
Mid – Wu “Night” Song-Jun
Support – Cui “IF” Yi
Hunter – Wang “” Yi-Chen