Smite Beginners Guide


SMITE – A new take on traditional MOBAs

SMITE is a MOBA style video game developed by Hi-Rez Studios and takes a bit of a twist on traditional style MOBAs. Instead of the traditional birds eye view that other MOBAs have, SMITE has a 3rd person perspective. Additionally, all active abilities are skill shots – this component of the game gives players the feeling that they are in the action and immerses them in the characters they are controlling.

SMITE has a unique theme to it in which the characters played are gods from ancient mythologies ranging from Greek, Roman, Mayan, Chinese, Hindu, Norse, and Egyptian. Players can play as their favourite gods like Poseidon, Greek God of the Sea, who is a mage class god who uses his Kraken to unleash a massive burst of damage on multiple enemies. Another crowd favourite is Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, who is an assassin class god who thrives in the middle of battles spinning his hammer, Mjolnir, dealing massive damage and taking to the air to slam down upon fleeing enemies. Currently there are 70 different playable gods in SMITE.

SMITE has 200 unique in-game items. The players may carry up to a maximum of six items and two consumable items at any given time. This means that they must make wise decisions when purchasing from the shop. Items increase specific character stats and often give a passive ability which can influence player strategies.
Players can also buy two active items which cannot be sold once they leave the fountain. These active items usually have long cooldowns and are used for initiation of fights or escaping battles.

Beginners to SMITE

For people just starting SMITE, here a few vital things you will need to know…

-SMITE is free to play for everyone! There are some things you can purchase in game such as god skins that change the appearance of your god, special icons for your profile to show off to your friends, and even epic loading cards which change your match loading art!
-SMITE is third person game, so every ability and basic attack is a skill shot. This means that accuracy is extremely important.
-There is a massive community for SMITE that is filled with people eager to teach and entertain new players.
-The most important part of learning any MOBA is to have patience. If you don’t like a role or character, there are plenty more to choose from, and with the wide range of unique items in the game, you can play the character how YOU want to.
-SMITE is a team game, so being friendly and co-operating with your team mates is absolutely essential to winning the game!

Game modes

Matches usually consist of two teams of five players. There are six different game modes: Arena, Assault, Conquest, Joust, Siege, and Match of the Day.


This game mode is a large, open map where teams fight it out deathmatch-style to deplete the opposing team’s tickets. Tickets are lost when allied minions reach the enemy portals located at the front of their base or when an enemy god is killed.


This is the main game mode of SMITE. The playing field is divided into three lanes. Each team has two towers and one phoenix within each lane. Between these lanes is a space called the jungle; in this area are paths which lead to other lanes and jungle camps. The jungle is covered in Fog of War which stops vision beyond a limited range when inside of or looking into the jungle.
Minions spawn in and walk down each lane every 30 seconds. These minions give experience and gold to players when killed. Players may use these minions to absorb tower damage for them. Towers must be destroyed in sequence from the outer tower towards the final objective: destroying the enemy


When a team destroys a phoenix, their minions that spawn in that lane will have increased health and damage for three minutes, after which the phoenix respawns. Each time a phoenix revives it will be easier to take down.


This is a narrow one lane map where players’ gods are randomly picked for them. Players have a chance to trade gods with a team mate if that player also owns the god. Assault is filled with carnage as both teams try to push down the lane towards the enemy Titan.


This mode is the 1v1 or 3v3 map. It is a simplified version of Conquest with one lane containing one tower and one phoenix per team. There is also a jungle on both sides of the lane with jungle buffs inside.


This is a 4v4 game mode where the map is split into two lanes with a jungle separating them. There are two towers and one phoenix in each lane per team. Both teams push down these lanes just like in Conquest but, with each minion killed, tickets are built up, and at 100 tickets a siege minion is spawned in a random lane to assist the team. This siege minion is very large, tanky, and deals major damage to enemy towers.

Match of the Day

This is a fun game mode in which conditions are changed daily. These can include, but are not limited to, a Conquest match where abilities cost no mana and have 80% cooldown reduction, an Arena match where all players use the same god, or a Joust match where players start at level 20 with 100,000 gold.


The drafting stage (aka pick and bans) of the game is where both teams pick the gods they wish to play as, and choose the gods they wish to prevent from being chosen. Each team may pick five gods and ban three others. This stage is a mind game situation as there are so many team composition possibilities. Each ban and pick must be beneficial for the team strategy as there are a number especially strong gods. Team compositions consist of five roles: Solo, Jungle, Mid, ADC and Support. The teams must focus on creating an assortment of gods whose abilities and strengths synergize, with minimal weaknesses.
To put it into perspective, there are 69 different gods currently playable in professional SMITE, totalling 1,348,621,560 possible unique team compositions. Each god has one passive ability and four active abilities that teams must try to meld together for the highest potential strength.

These factors make SMITE a very unique game because it is so rare to see the same event ever happen twice. During the drafting stage, the god a team may want to play could be banned or picked by the enemy, shutting down their planned strategy. Gods can only be picked or banned once per game, so teams must ensure they have a large number of backup strategies.