anubis smite

Anubis is a mid-lane mage and is often considered one of the worst gods in Smite when it comes to high-level professional play, but in casuals and ranked can stomp like nobody else. He is referred to as a ‘glass-cannon’ mage, because he has extremely high damage but very low health and mobility. In fact, his main weakness is that he is one of the few gods in Smite to have no movement abilities whatsoever, and his only defense is his insane burst potential.

Plague of Locusts

His first ability Plague of Locusts is channeled, and allows him to shoot a swarm of locusts from his mouth that do insane amounts of damage to anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in the radius.


His second ability Mummify is a projectile which shoots out of his staff and wraps anyone hit by it in a bandage, stunning them and allowing Anubis to unleash his full payload of damage on them with ease. The wrap is a fairly difficult stun to land, and how good you are with it essentially makes or breaks your Anubis play. If you hit the wrap then it is easy to burst your victim down, but if you miss it then you become extremely vulnerable with no other defensive abilities.

Grasping Hands

His third ability Grasping Hands is ever scarier than the locust plague, as it summons forth clawing hands from the underworld which penetrate upwards through the ground and do damage to enemies in a large area of effect. This ability also provides some of the best and safest clear in the lane, and ensure that by the mid-game Anubis can easily clear a minion wave using only this ability.

Death Gaze

Anubis’ ultimate Death Gaze is appropriately titled, and basically allows him to shoot a huge laser beam out of his eyes which, if you can land every tick, does the most damage out of any ability in Smite. This ability not only looks awesome and is a ton of fun to use, but can literally burst down enemies wrapped in your snare from full health to death in a matter of seconds. By the time Anubis reaches late-game his damage becomes absurd, but he suffers heavily from not having any mobility. Successful Anubis play relies heavily on having a team-comp built around protecting him, and ensuring that as Anubis you are never caught out of position.