Artemis was one of the original ADCs in Smite, and recently has seen something of a resurgence in competitive play. She is a true carry, as her weakness and vulnerability during the early and mid-game is made up for by the utter destruction she can cause in the late-game.

Transgressor’s Fate

Her first ability Transgressor’s Fate lets her place a trap on the ground that is difficult to see and roots and cripples any enemies who wander into it. The correct positioning of these traps is extremely important when playing Artemis, and once mastered they can be used defensively to help quickly ensnare enemies ganking your lane and provide you some time to get away.

Vengeful Assault

Her second ability Vengeful Assault is a buff which increases both her movement and attack speed, helping her to successfully out-trade other hunters. This ability is often not levelled at all during the early game, but becomes absolutely brutal late-game when it provides an immense 75% attack speed increase. Once Artemis has crit online in her build and Vengeful Assault fully levelled, she becomes virtually impossible to fight in a 1v1 and if left unchecked can single-handedly chew through an entire enemy team. This ability couples neatly with her passive Still Target, which provides her a stacking critical strike chance on each successful auto-attack hit and essentially acts as an inbuilt Rage.

Suppress the Insolent

Her third ability Suppress the Insolent, one of the wordier abilities in Smite, is her main source of clear and fires a volley of arrows from the sky which land in a small circle wherever she aims it. This ability provides her with some long-range poke, as well as allowing her to clear the wave from a safe distance. Having said this, the ability does not do a huge amount of damage to minion waves compared to the clear of some other popular hunters, so her early game can often be somewhat unsafe as she will usually have to get close to the wave in order to auto-attack it down.

Calydonian Boar

Artemis’ ultimate Calydonian Boar is both memorable and extremely effective, as she summons a large boar which essentially runs down enemies in the nearby radius, stunning them one by one. The boar, affectionately referred to by Smite players as ‘Tusky’ for its large tusks, not only stuns enemies for Artemis to quickly chunk down with her auto-attacks, but also provides her with three seconds of crowd control immunity to allow for a quick getaway if need be. If Artemis makes it to late game and is fighting an enemy with no beads, then a stun by the boar will almost certainly mean death for the opposing God.

Artemis is the classic hunter in that she is all about staying quiet through the early game, and simply trying to safely farm as much gold as possible. It is entirely normal for her to fall behind during the early and mid-game by being pushed under tower by a hunter with easier clear, but once you reach the thirty minute mark she becomes almost unstoppable due to her insane attack-speed steroid.