change smite

Chang’e is one of the more nuanced Gods, and has a diverse set of abilities which allow her to flourish in a variety of situations if in the hands of a skilled player. Her passive Jade Rabbit is both unusual and effective, and lets her summon a rabbit which will walk back to base for her and then bring back whatever item Chang’e wishes to purchase. This can be invaluable in the solo lane, as it allows her to buy items and potions without having to return to base, a luxury which no other God in the game possesses. Such a passive is especially useful considering that she doesn’t have the strongest early game and can be bullied in lane by a warrior, meaning that she often will have to keep stocking up on health and mana pots.

Crescent Moon Dance

Her first ability Crescent Moon Dance is an ability that shoots out in an arc, dealing damage to anybody it touches. The ability only has a five second cooldown to begin with, and the fact that most Chang’e players build full cooldown means that after a few items it comes up every two seconds. This lets Chang’e spam the ability consistently, gradually clearing the wave and wearing enemies down with it. The small cooldown means that it provides effective poke, and in the chaos of an extended teamfight can do a lot of damage.

Moonlit Waltz

Chang’es’ second ability Moonlit Waltz allows her to perform an evasive spin during which she is completely immune to being hit by anything in the game. The spin is brief enough that the ability can be hard to time, but once mastered has limitless potential. Whether avoiding stuns and roots or simply dodging an auto-attack or spell, Moonlit Waltz provides Chang’e with a huge amount of survivability in teamfights and essentially offers the benefits of an aegis or beads with a much shorter cooldown.

Moonflower Dance

Her third ability Moonflower Dance heals herself and allies in a small radius around her, as well as damaging nearby enemies and reducing their healing. This ability is also on a relatively short cooldown of ten seconds, meaning that with cooldown she can spam it frequently during a teamfight and provide decent healing for her whole team.

Waxing Moon

Chang’es’ ultimate, Waxing Moon, shoots out a large projectile which damages and stuns any enemies hit by it. The stun increases with each enemy hit, so if you’re skilled enough to hit three gods with it then it will deal bulk damage as well as stun them all for four seconds. Waxing Moon can completely change the course of a teamfight, and in the late game becomes extremely effective in controlling tight corridors in the jungle when enemies are often forced to cluster together and become a potential group of targets for a well-timed Waxing Moon.

While Chang’e suffers from weak clear during the early game, by the time she has her core items online the combination of her four abilities means that Chang’e can become an absolute nightmare to deal with during a teamfight, as she twirls around healing allies, damaging enemies and avoiding damaging abilities with her evasive spin.