ISIS smite

Isis is a mage usually played in the mid lane, and excels in bringing a huge amount of control to a teamfight. She is easy to learn but difficult to master, and is considered one of the top-tier mages in both casual and competitive play.

Wing Gust

Her first ability Wing Gust shoots out four gusts which deal damage and are second to none when it comes to clearing waves from a distance as well as providing solid area damage; this means that her early push is very safe and often allows her to get a quick advantage in lane. Wing Gust also provides her with a bit of movement speed while she is using it, meaning that it can be useful when it comes to making a quick getaway.

Spirit Ball

Her second ability Spirit Ball shoots out a projectile that can be exploded at will and stuns as well as doing damage upon impact. This ability is integral to Isis’ success, as it allows her long-range poke and control. Nothing is more infuriating in the middle of a teamfight than getting hit by a Spirit Ball you didn’t even see coming and being chunked for a quarter of your health.

Dispel Magic

Her third ability Dispel Magic is a ground-based silence, that also slows enemies and removes some of their magical protections. This ability can be hard to use correctly but has extreme disruptive potential, and is extremely effective against gods such as Fenrir who have long channeled abilities which can be completely shut down by a well-placed silence. Isis has no movement abilities apart from a speed increase when using Wing Gust, so the silence combined with the Spirit Ball is usually her best chance of escaping from gank attempts by the jungler.

Circle of Protection

Her ultimate is called Circle of Protection, and how the player uses this ability is the difference between a mediocre Isis and an expert one. Circle of Protection essentially creates a very large circle on the ground around Isis’ staff, inside which allies will take less damage. Any damage dealt within the circle charges up the staff, and Isis can detonate the circle whenever she chooses to, which will deliver a large burst heal to herself and any other allies within the radius as well as any enemies unlucky enough to find themselves in the circle. This ability is immeasurably powerful and can come in handy in a huge range of circumstances; perhaps you’re getting ganked by the jungler and want to quickly throw the circle at your feet to allow you to heal up and escape, or you may simply want to save a teammate who is one shot away from death by throwing the circle beneath them and quickly burst healing them.

The circle can also completely reverse team-fights, as placing it beneath a violent skirmish in the jungle can deliver huge amounts of damage to the enemy team while simultaneously healing and protecting your allies.Isis is strong all throughout the game, but thrives during the first few levels where her strong push and poke can allow her to absolutely dominate the enemy mid laner.