janus god
Oh, Janus. Sweet, sweet Janus. Is he the most broken god in Smite? Very probably, but he’s also one of the most fun to play. Janus is a mage primarily played in the mid line, and is blessed with a kit that allows him to truly dominate his position.

His first ability Portal allows him to create a portal which Janus or an ally can travel through, allowing him to bail himself or a teammate out of trouble with ease. This portal travels through virtually any wall in the game and is incredibly powerful, making Janus of the most slippery gods in the game. How many times have you been one auto-attack from killing a Janus, only to have him slip through a well-placed portal and find himself safely on the other side of a wall from wherever the teamfight is happening.

This ability couples neatly with his ultimate Through Place and Time, which allows Janus to blast out a huge string of portals which shoot in a straight line throughout the map and deal immense damage to any enemies hit whilst simultaneously allowing him and his team to travel quickly through the chain portals. An ultimate of this magnitude, which is also on a relatively short ninety second cooldown, creates lethal gank potential by allowing the entire team to quickly rotate to a lane through the portals when needed.

It also creates unique drop-ship potential in providing the opportunity for the team to quickly manoeuvre into the enemy base and finish off an already damaged titan. Janus’ second ability Unstable Vortex is a short-range blast that provides the bread and butter of the god’s damage, as it deals incredibly high base damage that only gets better as the game progresses and lets Janus deal an insane amount of burst damage onto a squishy target.

Janus is one of the mages who is strong even at level one and only becomes more of a problem as the game progresses; once his big damage items come online his ultimate can literally one-shot someone and Unstable Vortex does an unbelievable amount of damage to anyone who hasn’t built a ton of magical defense.

His third ability Threshold is also one of the most underrated abilities in the whole of Smite, and creates a shimmering line on the ground which provides a huge movement speed buff for him and any allies who cross over it whilst simultaneously giving any enemies who walk over it a vast movement speed debuff.

This ability can be vital in teamfights, allowing Janus and his allies speed to safely disengage whilst ensuring that any enemies unfortunate to cross the threshold are slowed down immensely and made easy prey. Janus’ ability to reposition himself and his team, as well as escape seemingly dire situations and deal immense damage, makes him potentially the most valuable god in Smite to have on your team.

Written by Charlie Coleman exclusively for www.esprts.com