khepri smite

Khepri can literally bring allies back from the dead. Did I hear someone say nerf? A hulking scarab from the Egyptian pantheon, Khepri is considered the Dawn-Bringer and god of rebirth, an aspect of his character that Hi-Rez certainly took to heart when designing his abilities.

Khepri’s kit makes him perfect for the support role, and his aforementioned ultimate Scarab’s Blessing is extremely powerful, allowing Khepri to place a buff on an ally that cleanses them of crowd control, buffs their power and movement speed as well as ensuring that if they are killed at any point for the duration of the blessing they are revived at Khepri’s location with up to sixty percent of their health.

This ability can completely reverse the outcome of a team-fight, as an embattled hunter or mage can soak up the entirety of the enemy team’s damage and be slaughtered before being swiftly brought back to life by Khepri and keep on fighting. Few abilities are more infuriating to play against, and his ultimate alone makes Khepri one of the most valuable support gods.

His other abilities don’t exactly slouch either, and his Rising Dawn allows Khepri to shoot forward a blazing sun that deals damage and reduces the protections of enemies it hits, whilst simultaneously buffing the protections of allies who the suns touch. His first ability Abduct is also extremely powerful, and allows Khepri to dash forward, silencing and dragging backwards any enemies unfortunate enough to find themselves in his path.

This ability has insane set-up potential for team damage, and can be easily landed when coupled with Khepri’s third ability Solar Flare, a root which shoots down from the sky and locks enemies in place as well as dealing damage. Khepri’s four abilities work perfectly in tandem with a drawn-out teamfight, and make him potentially the most powerful support currently operating in Smite.

Written by Charlie Coleman exclusively for