The primary reason for Rama’s badassness is that his ultimate allows him to jump into the sky and rain down three huge-damage snipes on anyone unfortunate enough to fail at juking them. What’s cooler than that? Rama is the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, and in Smite is a hunter with an extremely high skill-cap who if utilised correctly can be one of the most devastating ADC’s in the game.

With his Astral Arrows perched in a quiver on his back, Rama’s second ability Pick Me Up gives him a huge attack speed increase, which allows him to box efficiently with any hunter in the game and allows him to make auto-attack trades which usually end up in his favour.

It also procs an increased chance to pick up an Astral Arrow, which ties into his first ability Astral Strike which lets him shoot out Astral Arrows which deal increased damage and also slow any enemies hit with his auto-attacks. His third ability Rolling Assault is a super-fast roll which can be aimed in enemy direction and allows him to get out of trouble quickly; on top of this Rama’s first auto-attack after rolling will cripple an enemy, rendering them unable to use any abilities at all for up to two seconds.

While his early lane clear is far from the strongest of the hunters, his late-game is all but unstoppable and when his crit comes online his brutal attack speed allows him to chew through an entire enemy team in a matter of seconds. His ultimate Astral Barrage lets Rama take into the sky and shoot out three arrows which do increasing damage in a small target radius, which allows him to deal huge damage and potentially secure objectives whilst also letting Rama remove himself from a teamfight or gank for a few key seconds in which his team can reposition themselves around him.

If you’re boxing Rama as an enemy ADC, odds are that you’re going to have a really bad time.

Written by Charlie Coleman exclusively for www.esprts.com