thanatos hand of death

Thanatos, the Greek personification of death, is one of the scarier looking Gods in Smite. His dark angel-like wings shudder as he closes in on the kill, and a glistening scythe clutched in his hand is certain to chunk you almost to death instantly if you’re not quick enough to avoid it.

He is played mainly as a jungle, due to his insane burst damage and gank potential, and floats around the map hunting for anybody out of position to punish with a quick Death Scythe to the face; his primary ability which deals absurd amounts of damage and gives Thanatos a huge self-heal. His passive slots in neatly with these deathly attributes; every ability that Thanatos casts uses a small percentage of his own overall health.

His ultimate is an execute, during which he takes into the sky and hovers around in the air before choosing where to crash devastatingly down to earth. If he lands on a target below a certain health threshold then they die immediately, and there are few scarier moments than running around underneath an enemy Thanatos desperately trying to dodge his fatal descent to earth.

His early game is almost unparalleled in terms of raw damage, and if he gets a few early kills then he can snowball through the mid game as hard as any god in the game. A fed Thanatos on the enemy team means that you are going to have a really bad time regardless of where you’re playing, especially since his execute allows him to easily take down tankier targets like supports who otherwise can be tricky to kill.

Written by Charlie Coleman exclusively for