Whether he’s chopping foes down with his vast broadsword or flipping majestically over a wall to secure a kill on an escaping enemy, Tyr is undoubtedly one of the most badass gods in Smite. An ancient Norse god of war, justice and glory, Tyr jauntily strides the battlefield with one hand missing from an ugly encounter with the nefarious Fenrir.

Tyr is typically played in solo lane due to his tankiness and damage, and is heaps of fun to play as his third ability change stance allows him to quickly change his ability effects from offensive to defensive depending on the situation you find yourself in.

There is nothing more satisfying than blinking behind someone as Tyr and quickly juggling them to death with your Fearless combo, which allow you to dash forward and knock enemies into the air whilst hitting them twice with your sword before delivering the killing blow with a vicious Power Cleave, your second ability. His passive Unyielding dictates that many potent forms of crowd control such as taunts and stuns cannot affect Tyr for longer than one second, meaning that he can move through the battlefield swiftly and easily when hunting his prey.

Naturally tanky stats mean that with a few defensive items Tyr can become a virtually immortal front-liner, constantly displacing and attacking the enemy team before swiftly regenerating health with your Power Cleave which provides healing when in the defensive Guard Stance.

His ultimate Lawbringer is a visual tour de force of an ability; a leap that sends you hurtling into a somersault before bringing your sword down for a dunk landing that does damage and slows in a huge area around your landing spot. He is typically played in solo lane, as his heal means that he can sustain himself from wave to wave and his tankiness lets him go head to head with other warriors without breaking a sweat.

Written by Charlie Coleman exclusively for www.esprts.com