Playing Sol in the ADC position is one of the most enjoyable strategies to try in her current state. Her first ability is ‘Radiance’. This is a self-heal which heals for a % of her HP and deals damage in an area around her.

Her second ability is ‘Stellar Burst’, this is an AoE (Area of effect) wave clear that is also effective as poke damage. Her third ability is ‘Disapparate’, it is an escape that gives her essentially a free Hastened Fatalis passive for 3 seconds before she becomes immune to everything (all damage and crowd control). Finally, her ultimate is ‘Supernova’, which is a path of explosions on the ground that knocks-up enemies and is great for zoning.

The strongest element of playing Sol in the ADC position is her passive, it increases her attack speed and magical power for every 4% of ‘Heat’ gained from using abilities and landing basic attacks. At 100% ‘Heat’ her basic attacks deal 25% more damage. Sol’s strong auto attack kit is everything that an ADC could ever ask for. Her only downfall is that she is very easy to take down, so timing her escape, ‘Disapparate’ at the most critical time is paramount.

The way to build ADC Sol is quite simple. Start with a Vampiric Shroud and choose between a Lost Artifact or Tiny Trinket depending on how much poke damage the enemy can deal. From there, finish Shoes of the Magi and move onto Demonic Grip. This will be the only attack speed item that you will need as you must take advantage of her passive for the extra attack speed. After Demonic Grip is completed the items are very situational.

Personally, I like to get Spear of the Magus for extra penetration and finish off by finishing my starter item I took at the beginning of the game to Chronos’ Pendant for extra cooldown on abilities and for more healing and escaping, or Bancrofts Talon for its lifesteal, to stay sustained for longer, and large amounts of damage.