Bluestone Solo Lane

The Bluestone Pendant start requires a lot of aggression because of an extra 15 physical power and a further 30 extra damage from a 2 second Damage over Time. This is a large amount of damage that can be activated on minions, jungle camps and enemy gods.

Starting with a Bluestone Pendant in the Solo lane is an aggressive move as the wave clear and poke damage that players can deal with the item is absurd. The best gods to buy Bluestone Pendant on are Guan Yu, Vamana and the strongest of them all is Sun Wukong.

The reason they are so strong is that they all have a strong wave clear. Vamana has his ‘Armoured Umbrella’ and ‘Umbrellarang’. Guan Yu has ‘Taolu Assault’, that activates the Bluestone Pendant’s Passive on each tick of damage, and ‘Warriors Will’ to clear up any minions left over from ‘Taolu Assault’. Sun Wukong has the strongest wave clear of them all because of his ‘Magic Cudgel’ and ‘Masters Will’ combo that can clear an entire minion wave very quickly. In addition, his ‘Magic Cudgel’ has a long range on it so that makes the ability a favourable safe option if forced to play passively.