Red Pot Jungle

Many junglers have a weak early game, so in order to increase the potential of making plays during the extremely important ‘early game’ stage of the game, players can start with a Potion of Physical Might (Red Pot). A Red Pot start consists of Bumba’s Mask (800g), a Potion of Physical Might (450g) and a Health Potion (50g). This starting build costing 1500g all together.

Starting in the jungle with a Red Pot on assassins can be extremely risky because if you die within the five minute lifetime of the potion, you will lose the increase in physical power and the gold you spent on the potion. At the start of the game, it is best to wait until the remaining 20 seconds on the countdown timer (around when minions spawn) to consume the potion so that no time is wasted waiting for minions to move into lanes.

With a Red Pot start the best way to play is by playing aggressively, as your physical power is increased by 20, which in the early game is a sizeable amount. The power increase allows for more damage to be dealt through your abilities and basic attacks, therefore you gain the advantage of not only clearing jungle camps and minion waves but also securing early kills.