Transcendence Neith

Starting with a Charged Morningstar on Neith is one of the strongest builds for an ADC. The start costs 1200g for Charged Morningstar and leaves 300g for health and mana potions for sustain.

Any assortment of potions works but the best is 3 of each. Sustain is difficult for this build as there is no lifesteal involved until a Soul Eater or Asi is built, so playing safe until Transcendence is complete is necessary but an early kill can speed up the process of finishing Transcendence and begin the stacking the item as soon as possible.

Transcendence on Neith is strong because she is a caster-ADC. This means a lot of power comes from casting abilities. The physical power that Transcendence gives is the highest in the game, which allows Neith to utilise this very well once she has maximum stacks with her ‘Spirit Arrow’ and ‘Unravel’. Not only do these abilities deal damage, but will also Root on ‘Spirit Arrow’ and grant an Attack Speed debuff on ‘Unravel’.

This makes her kit extremely sought after as it has a lot of utility and wave clear as well as DPS from her basic attacks.