Snake Esports vs. Royal Never Give up – LPL 2016 – Week 7 – Day 1 – Preview

Snake Esports vs. Royal Never Give up are matched up against each other for the Tencent LoL Pro League Series to be held Thursday March 17, 2016 in Day 1, Week 7 of the competition.

Royal Never Give Up

Snake Esports is currently (6-3) and looking to disrupt the LPL standings by taking down Royal. The maverick team places a lot of faith in their AD carry kRYST4l and top laner Flandre. With a mediocre early game, they like to wait for late game fights to swing in their favour. Snake Esports demonstrate good team cohesion and controlled groupings in order to play the map well.

While Snake are trying to bridge the gap between first and second place, Royal are trying to consolidate their lead in Group B. Previously, Royal jungler Insec pulled out an extremely niche pick, Master Yi. I was almost going to call it a troll pick but the legendary Lee Sin god is no troll. The problem with having such a farm orientated jungler was that all of Royal’s laners had to suffer. However, despite their deficit early game, they were able to pull it together with their late game team composition, with Insec picking up a triple on Master demonstrating he cannot be slowed.

Aside from Royal’s niche pick, which took jungle pressure away from the lanes and into jungle camps, their style is much more aggressive. Both teams are performing extremely well, with a lot of super star players. Should Royal pick a more aggressive team comp with junglers/supports such as Kindred, Lee Sin and Elise with Braum or Alistar, they could create an early game that Snake will never be able to close. That being said, Krystal is an absolute beast of an ADC and Flandre is nothing short of season 5 Marin or season 3 MaKnooN.

Prediction: Snake Esports 50% | Royal Never Give up 50%