Spartak Moscow signs cs.go team

Spartak Moscow has newly entered the esports scene through it’s deal with csgo team ‘RuSh3d’

Spartak Moscow is a very high level Russian sporting team, most well known for its major competitive football team. This decision follows other simular traditional sporting organisations entering the esports scene, following in the footsteps of European teams such as Schalke and Manchester City. Spartak Moscow’s management announced they were pleased to pick up the team, as not only did they have an established presence in the competitive cs.go scene, but they were also a full roster. This is extremely important as Spartak Moscow has little knowledge in esports, and finding separate free agent players would be time consuming and also reduce possible training or competitive time.

Spartak Moscow also announced that signing the cs.go team “RuSh3d” was merely a first step into their expansion into the esports scene. They stated they were interested in the near future to sign simular dota 2 and League of Legends teams, another 2 of the biggest games in esports. This news is great, and it will force teams to improve to compete for their placement in tournaments, which in turn will only benefit us viewers.

Current team :

Anatoliy ‘liTTle’ Yashin
Pavel ‘AERO’ Surmach
Artem ‘Art’ Shevchenko
Dmitriy ‘facecrack’ Alekseyev
Anton ‘kibaken’ Kolesnikov

While some may argue that the entry of big teams and organisations into the scene harms it, the huge influx of money will present a better viewing experience and also encourage more promising players to emerge.