Splyce lose (tank) ShaneisGhost




Shanieisghost has announced his departure from Splyce following the disappointing performance by Splyce at the Overwatch Open. The departure seems amicable as both sides were very cordial to each other. The $300000 tournament was ShanieisGhosts first event with the team. He was brought in as a replacement for Papasmurf.



Splyce has struggled through multiple roster changes since entering the scene in June, recently cutting DPS Joshua “Steel” Nissan and flex Matthew “flame” Rodriguez.


Splyce found themselves in a challenging group at the Overwatch Open, losing 0-2 to favorites EnVyUs. The team failed to pick up a map in the elimination match versus NRG, posting another 0-2 loss in Atlanta.

Following Mesner’s departure, Splyce is left with the following roster:

  • Matthew “clockwork” Dias (DPS)
  • Canaan Michael “Shrugger” Carman (DPS)
  • Ryan “sycknesS” Mitchell (Flex)
  • Bradford “PYYYOUR” Ross (Support)
  • Nicholas “ninjanick” Poulos (Support)