Splyce undergo major roster changes in Overwatch


After being locked into their roster for several months due to ELEAGUE, Splyce has recently taken the opportunity to revamp their team by changing two thirds of their players. Tank ShaneisGhost already left his temporary spot with Splyce due to work – now ninjanick, clockwork, and SycknesS are now no longer with the team, to be replaced by Adetonian, Moffitt, and Graceful on support, dps, and flex respectively. twidi will complete the roster on tank.

The team has been missing decent results in their past few matches. Especially looking forth for a tank, the team has been on the brink of a new roster for weeks now.

Without a major tournament to focus on, Splyce has taken the time to switch out over half of the roster it fielded for the Overwatch Open. They have also brought in three new players from Europe, forming yet another mixed-region team for Overwatch.


It has been a rough road since our in game caller decided to focus on his tennis career instead of dedicating an exorbitant amount of hours into a video game career. We are reaching a point where “ladder” players are truly catching up to the “known names” that have been playing since closed beta. Since Eleague we have had the opportunity to look at tons of players from Europe, Brazil, and even the remote area of le reddit. We will be parting ways with SycknesS, Ninjanick, and Shaneisghost for varying reasons and will be picking up Moffitt, Graceful, Twidi, and Adetonian. As for clockwork, you guys better strap in, cause some hotness is around the corner 🙂