Splyce vs NME



Splyce vs NME.

Today we focus in on two American tier three teams which one of these teams have the opportunity to win the ” Road to Vegas ” lan. This is a qualifier game which will be taking place at 1AM GMT the 18th of December 2015. We will review past games , analyse the strengths and weaknesses and decide who statistically could win.

Both of these teams are from North America , a scene which thrive to expand with big teams like Cloud9 and Liquid.

NME are the underdogs of the NA CSGO scene only two days ago getting a huge win over Cloud9 winning a Best of 3. First map was Cobblestone which ended 16 – 10 to NME and second map was Inferno gaining NME the win over Americas top team. They have finished off three out of five resulting in a 60% of wins from the last five games. Wins besides C9 were not big teams. NME also lost to Conquest and Renegades.

Splyce are a relatively new team to the scene and have only played six games professionally so far but they have won five of them six earning them 83% win rate. Splyce are also on a four win streak.

Rosters include ;

– ptr
– aKis
– Slemmy
– Stewie2k
– rooRoooo

– koosta
– Relyks
– Uber
– Lucky

My prediction: 72% to SPLYCE.