Splyce vs Origen EU LCS – Week 7 – Day 1 – Preview

G2 Splyce vs Origen are matched up against each other for the EU LCS Round 6 Day 1 game to be held Friday February 26, 2016 at 9pm CET.





Wunderwear : SoaZ
Trashy : Amazing
Sencux : PowerOfEvil
Kobbe : Zven
Nisbeth : Mithy

Both of these teams have been underperforming,. Splyce were expected to be a mid-tier team, whereas Origen were expected to be one of, if not the, best team in the league. However, when these two teams face off, Origen are still expected to win, due to Zven being an exceptional carry for them.

Both teams should look to exploit the opposing team’s top laner, as they are the weakest link, and it is the best place to look to gain a lead from. Apart from top lane, Origen are generally better in each lane, both mechanically and experience wise, so they should pull out the win here.

Chance of victory: Splyce: 35% : Origen: 65%