Splyce vs. Team Vitality – LoL EU LCS 2016 – Week 2 – Day 1– Preview

Splyce vs. Team Vitality are matched up against each other for the European, League of Legends Champion Series will be held Friday, January 21, 2016 – Week 2, Day 1, 12AM PSTVitality


With both of these teams being new additions to the EU LCS, it is interesting to see how both of these teams will be performing by the end of the split. In their first week, Splyce went 0-2 against Unicorns of Love and Elements whereas Team Vitality went 1-1 losing their first game to Roccat but then taking a nice victory over Fnatic. Now as both of these teams are just finding their feet it is pretty unpredictable about how they will play and will still stay unpredictable for the first few weeks of the season if not longer. Now as far as the favourite for this game, we have to give it to Team Vitality just because they managed to take a game over the new Fnatic lineup, which wasn’t a total shock but a decent start.

Predictions: Splyce 40% | Team Vitality 60%