Splyce vs Winterfox Tips, Odds and Match Preview – hosted by Counter Pit League Season 2

Counterpit League

Splyce vs Winterfox

We will analyse and inspect the information and statistics from both teams Splyce and Winterfox and give our prediction and odds for this event. This is a best of two event hosted by Counter Pit League Season 2 on the 29th of January 2016 at 1AM GMT.

Winterfox although have a cute and cuddly name can be feriociously vicious with a 60% win rate of their last five games including wins of Optic Gaming, OBEY and a tie (1-1) with ENEMY. Winterfox have a strong North American line up consisting of great awper XP3. Winterfox is formerly known for containing Pyth.

Splyce are the weaker of both teams with loses against Games Academy and a double whammy of losses against ENEMY. As I previously mentioned Winterfox was capable of drawing a game with ENEMY who is a top contender at the moment in the North American scene with player ” koosta ” who is the MVP of that lineup in my opinion!

SPLYCE: jasonR , arya , abE , Professor_Chaos , DAVEY

Winterfox: LeX , flowsicK , anger , Xp3 , desi

My prediction and odds are 89% in the favor of Winterfox because of the obvious example they set on ENEMY in their previous game. I look forward to spectating this game and hopefully I gain another prediction correct on my list!

Calvin Hynes.