Starcraft 2 IEM Katowice R32 Match Previews & Predictions

iem stacraft
The following round of 32 for StarCraft II matches hosted by IEM Katowice to be held Monday, March 2-3, 2016.

Polt (75%) VS Lambo (25%)– 3-1 Polt: Lambo is a great European Zerg player, making big waves in tournaments last year, and still showing his prominence on ladder, laying claim to a decent spot in the EU ladder, but compared to a Terran like Polt, he doesn’t look like he has much of a chance, Polt being an amazing player, earning himself many titles and the title of Captain America.

PtitDrogo (65%) VS Dayshi (35%) – 3-1 PtitDrogo: PtitDrogo has earned himself quite a name in Legacy of the Void. He took Dreamhack Leipzig a mere month ago, and unfortunately we haven’t seen much from him since. If he’s even close to where he was at the last tournament skill-wise, a player like Dayshi shouldn’t be much of a problem, as good as he is.

Serral (45%) VS Firecake (55%) – 3-2 Firecake: Serral. He’s been taking online tournaments left and right, though he hasn’t made too much of a splash in the Majors of StarCraft. Firecake on the other hand has more experience in majors, and although he hasn’t been particularly good recently, he still has a pretty good chance against Serral, but it’s going to be incredibly close. It might just come down to who is less stressed, or maybe even who is a bit luckier.

Bunny (70%) VS Has (30%) – 3-1 Bunny: Nobody can deny that Bunny has been doing well recently. Though he’s only really been seen in online tournaments in the past few months, he’s been killing those as well as the ladder. Has on the other hand, we haven’t seen too much at all. The only information we really have about him is that he was a good, though not great player in the mid-end HotS era. He is one of the wild cards of this tournament, but if we are to go purely off of statistics, Bunny definitely has the edge.

MaNa (45%) VS PiLiPiLi (55%) – 3-2 PiLiPiLi: PiLiPiLi was pretty much Neeb before Neeb. He tore up the North American ladder, but never really made any major appearances. Although he’s not nearly as experienced as MaNa when it comes to major tournaments, he is definitely much more practiced with Legacy of the Void, unless MaNa has been hiding under a Barcode account the whole time. Regardless, it will be close, simply due to the nerves that PiLi is nearly assured to show throughout the course of the tournament.

HuK (75%) VS PiG (25%) – 3-1 HuK: Both of these players are pretty much household names for StarCraft fans who follow the foreign scene. PiG has made his name as a caster recently, but with his qualification to this tournament, he is definitely showing that he isn’t down and out quite yet. HuK on the other hand has been dominating Legacy of the Void. It feels as though he’s nearly back to his prominence in Wings of Liberty all those years ago, and though PiG is no pushover, I think we will see HuK beat PiG in somewhat convincing fashion, though 3-0 is a bit of a stretch.

ShoWTimE (45%) VS Nerchio (55%) – 3-2 Nerchio: ShoWTimE (not the Korean Showtime mind you) did pretty well in 2015. He managed to take 3, 1st place trophies in Major tournaments that year, but we really haven’t seen anything out of him this year. That being said, Nerchio has been dominating minor tournaments. He has been showing his ability pretty publicly in all these tournaments, and he is definitely the better player at the moment (again, unless ShoWTimE likes barcoding a lot), but he might have some trouble with a player as experienced as ShoWTimE, even if he is technically favored against him quite heavily in Legacy of the Void.

Lilbow (55%) VS SortOf (45%) – 3-2 Lilbow: Lilbow. The new player that everyone loves to hate. After his Blizzcon performance and the following at Dreamhack, he definitely isn’t very high and mighty in most people’s minds, but that doesn’t make him a terrible player. That being said, SortOf is a much more liked player, but that doesn’t mean he will win this match. Though the fans will most likely be rooting against Lilbow regardless of the match, Lilbow will almost surely take this one, though it will be close.

puCK (20%) VS MarineLorD (80%) – 3-1 MarineLorD: Had to take a second glance after seeing puCK’s name. He was a great player in Heart of the Swarm’s earlier days, but hasn’t really made himself known all too much in Legacy of the Void. He is another wild card in this tournament, but I don’t think he has much of a chance against a player the caliber of MarineLorD, who has already proven himself multiple times in LotV.

XiGua (10%) VS viOlet (90%) – 3-0 viOlet: XiGua is yet another wild card in this tournament (I’d just like to take a moment to mention how awesome it is to have those) who could either lose in spectacular fashion to viOlet, or go on past him, though odds are viOlet will take the game quite easily against XiGua, as he is quite consistent in being a top Zerg player.

MaSa (35%) VS Harstem (65%) – 3-1 Harstem: Harstem has broke my heart already when he was defeated in WCS about a year ago, and I really hope he wins, but that aside, he still has a decent chance against a player like MaSa, who, again, hasn’t really been seen much at all in Legacy of the Void. Both having tournament experience, but Harstem being a player we’ve seen more than once in online tournaments for Legacy, he should have quite the easy time against a player who we haven’t really even seen recently.

MajOr (15%) VS Snute (85%) – 3-0 Snute: Snute has done amazing in Legacy of the Void so far. He is another pretty much household name among fans of the game, and has been showing how he got to such a status, with games ending in commanding fashion in his favor online, and his offline performance being equally as good. MajOr in comparison hasn’t really been seen too much recently, and as much as I’d like my Terran brother to win, Snute should have this in the bag.

Happy (40%) VS Hydra (60%) – 3-1 Hydra: This is another case of the player I love not having much of a chance against the player who has shown to be amazing at what he does. Hydra is a great Zerg player, and Happy a great Terran, the difference being that Hydra has stood toe to toe with some of the best players the game has to offer, and stood his ground throughout.

Kelazhur (20%) VS Neeb (80%) – 3-1 Neeb: This is going to be a match to tune into. You’ve probably heard the name Neeb by now since Legacy of the Void came out. Since Legacy released, he switched to Protoss from Terran and has been absolutely ripping players apart on the NA and EU ladders. I love Kelazhur, but Neeb is looking so incredible right now that the only chance Kelazhur really has is if he wins just by not being nervous.

Bly (50%) VS Elazer (50%) – 3-2 Bly: Bly and Elazer are the most blatantly even matched players here. It’s going to be quite interesting to see who wins, as both players are great, but with it being so even, it might just come down to who has the better builds at hand.

iAsonu (35%) VS TLO (65%) – 3-1 TLO: Luckily, my prediction from my heart and from my head aligned pretty well here. TLO has played quite the games so far in Legacy of the Void, and has been doing much better than I think anyone expected him to do recently. In contrast, we haven’t really seen much of iAsonu at all unfortunately, as much as his play is, or at least, was the last time we saw him, great.

Thanks for reading guys! This was my first article for an eSports organization, and I hope to do many more in the future.
-Ian “DaeDaLuS” Barber