StarCraft Tournaments Schedule

IEM Season X – Taipei

February 1st – February 2nd

As part of the usual gaming convention IEM holds, they have again included yet another starcraft tournament. The IEM Season X – Taipei will be hosted in the Taipei World Trade Center during Taipei Game Show which will feature 8 top tier players from previous qualifiers. The total prize pool is $25,000 USD which is spread throughout all the 8 players. This event is not hosted by Blizzard and is solely organized by the Electronis Sports League.

2016 Kung Fu Cup Season 1

February 24th – April 3rd

This year organizer SCBoy will be holding their first tournament of the year which will be held in China. The event will be held from Wednesday 24/2/16 to Sunday 3/4/16 and will feature 16 people in total, 4 From the Chinese Qualifiers, 4 from the Korean Qualifiers Along with 8 other invited players including the Kung Fu Cup 2015 Season 2 winner. Total prize pool will be $23,000 USD which is spread out throughout the 16 players, they will also receive OSC points which contribute towards tournament rankings.

 2016 WCS Circuit: Winter Circuit Championship

March 4th – March 6th

This tournament will definitely be one of the biggest of the year since it is both organized by major gaming organization ESl along with Blizzard. This championship will take place in Poland and will be carried out in a Single elimination format from the total 32 players, only 8 of the 32 are invited, the remaining 24 are chosen from regional challenges or qualifying tournaments. From round 32 onwards to the semi finals the matches will be from a best of 5, while the finals will be a best of 7 battle. Prize pool for the major championship will be set at $150,000 USD along with WCS points will contribute to the eligibility of a player entering another tournament.