Starladder Announce CIS Minor Details

The ESL One Cologne Major was announced to be held on July 5th to 10th and there will also be minors leading up to the event which will decide the teams to be played.

Starladder CIS Minor

Starladder have been tasked with the task of organising the CIS minor qualifiers. Yesterday they released the details of the CIS Qualifiers. The Minors will  be open to 12 countries from the former CIS region (the three Baltic area countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia have been this time omitted and will likely compete in the European region).

The first stage of the Minor will be two online open qualifiers, which will run from April 11-17. All matches will be best-of-one, with maps decided by a veto process.


Teams must have three-fifths of their players from the countries listed below in order to enter the open qualifiers or participate in the CIS Minor:

Russia  Belarus  Georgia
 Ukraine  Moldova  Armenia
 Kazakhstan  Kyrgyzstan  Azerbaijan
 Turkmenistan  Tajikistan  Uzbekistan

There will be four teams selected from each open qualifier. These four teams will then play in an offline qualifier at Moscow, facing off against four invited teams. These eight teams will be divided into groups of four and the playoffs will be held in an as yet unannounced format.

The Prize Pool is divided as :

1. $30,000
2. $15,000
3. $5,000