Starladder to host CIS Minor

The E League Major is coming soon in 2017. There are a number of minors and minor qualifiers currently running in the professional scene.

It has been learned that Starladder will be hosting the CIS Minor. StarLadder Regional Minor Championship: CIS will offer $50,000 and, more importantly, two spots at the ELEAGUE Major 2017 Offline Qualifier which will be held in Atlanta from December 15-18. The event will take place in St.Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex.


Eight teams from the open qualifier and eight invited teams will compete from October 29 to November 1 in the closed qualifiers where all eight of the CIS Minor teams will be determined.


You can sign up for the open qualifier until October 23 if your team is from one of the countries in this list by going to the StarLadder tournament page.