Subroza’s statement on MarkE situation

I don’t really know what happened prior to that InGame (maybe sketchy plays etc), but knowing MarkE has been accused many and many times of cheating or stream sniping, it would be so easy for any of the thousands of viewers to simply open up the viewer list on twitch while Steel was live and just <<Inspect Element>> and edit the google chrome Page Code (for those not understanding, here’s an example of editing a google chrome page code by inspect element: ty joshRT). I tweeted about this because I have also been accused of cheating on Reddit and had a lot of kids online faking stuff about me 24/7 and it just could easily be the same situation for him. It would have been a complete different situation if we had a video of someone actually recording his desktop looking at the viewers list after refreshing the page and clicking on the name to see if it redirects him to MarkE’s actual twitch profile. I also sometimes whenever I’m waiting for a Rank S Q have DaZed,Steel or whoever is playing’s stream open to check the score while I have nothing to do and when the Queue actually pops, forget that its in the background paused, but that has nothing to do with the situation since MarkE denied being in his chat (I think).

Now MarkE did handle it poorly, but his English is not the best (mine is also bad, and used to be just as bad as his) and it’s kinda normal to react this way when you have no clue of what’s going on. I’m also not saying he wasn’t stream sniping, but this is not an evidence of him stream sniping at all and I think its just rude to jump on all those conclusion. =D