Supporting in Hero League compared to the Competitive Scene


There is a vast difference in how you play the game, not only support, in the competitive scene in Heroes of the Storm much like any game. The players know how to use the hero to the full extent and know what to capitalize on and when to do it. There are many games I witness where someone thinks the play is right at the wrong time, and you don’t agree with it, and the entire team is in conflict over the situation and you end up getting farther and farther behind in the game, where there is really no come back. Becoming a better player in Hero League doesn’t always make you a player meant for the competitive scene, you need to grind out, and keep getting kicked down until you can get back up and notice your mistakes a thousand times until you can get it right.

What can I work on to become a better Support?

With your usual Hero League spam, you see people who “main” Support usually playing, Lili, at least in my case. There are multiple things you can work on to make the distance between competitive support and hero league support smaller in size In Competitive play, most of the Uther play, is using Divine Shield or DShield, to negate incoming damage, rather in Hero League you will see players wait until you are 1% HP and try to save you, to make it look cool for style points. Another example would be positioning. Most of the time you see a healer in Hero League position completely behind the team, giving little to no help in being able for the team to capitalize on a chase or a re-engage. Now in competitive scene we see that your positioning means everything when it’s standing at the perfect distance to not get caught, as well as standing behind able to get a quick stun, or a slow to catch a target while all of your abilities are off cooldown. These are the type of plays that make the competitive players, few and far between compared to your average players.

You should be able to play most roles effectively

Especially being a Support player, if you know when you need to shield a melee assassin, or when a range carry can properly position to mitigate as much damage as possible, makes healing a lot easier. There are a lot of heroes you can play that have higher or lower skill caps, that will make you better. Practice playing ETC, or Kerrigan a couple times, knowing when to engage, and when to disengage, allowing you to be a better healer to gain that insight about the game. If you can better yourself about knowing when and where you need to prioritize your healing, it betters you as a player, and a teammate.

How do I join the competitive scene?

A new league that has been recreated in the North American scene right now called the SEL or the Storm Elite League. All of the top players, Professional and top Hero League players get invited to compete in inhouse drafted games to test your strength against other top players. This is the ultimate practice making the game fun again for those players looking to find that MMR based ladder grind in the scene. Now this is not for money or any reward, but it gives the players the constant reminder of where they stand on a ladder MMR system compared to other players playing the league, and that is something Blizzard has yet to implement into their game that players have requested, making this league a high priority right now throughout the internet.