Syndra the new biggest threat in the Mid lane – LoL Worlds 2016

The two best players in NA and KR have both picked Syndra and performed amazingly. Will HuHi follow in their footsteps?


Faker, 5-1-4

Faker warded amazingly which allowed the usual lane dominant Syndra play style to be utilized to the full. The knowledge of the champion along with Syndra’s insane burst damage potential enabled Faker to even completely zone Jensen from an entire wave of CS. Sure Syndra is an extremely skill shot reliant champion, but in the hands of a mechanically god-like player, Syndra must be one of the best picks.

Bjergsen, 5-0-9

In the past many have expressed that Bjergsen is the North-American Faker, but following Faker’s performance on Syndra and Bjergsen’s choice to follow in his footsteps reaffirms that he truly in the North American Faker. As mentioned before, Syndra is an extremely mechanical champion, but since it is Bjergsen there was no doubt he would perform exceptionally.