Syndra ult double ult bug!

TSM vs. C9 NA LCS game – Bjergsen on Syndra ults 2 people

In the final game between TSM and C9, where both teams were equally 2-2, a major bug appeared where Bjergsen’s Syndra ultimate hit two people at once. The result of this bug where the ultimate was split between two targets, Jensen on Echo and Smoothie on Lulu. This lead to Smoothie being executed by the Syndra ultimate, while Jensen was also chunked for a large amount of his HP, which should not have happened. While this should usually result in a remake, since the bug led to Jensen being damaged which forced him to back off, thus removing the possibility of diving Bjergsen with Contractz on the side.

There is a mechanic and a bug at work here.

The mechanic is targeted ability resetting: If an enemy becomes invalid when the ability is ‘targeting’ (but hasn’t fired), it will reset to full (because it has no idea what happened in the game state). This is true of all targeted abilities, and it is an extremely small window to doing it (to the point it’s impossible to try and scum it).

The bug is Syndra’s ‘multi-target’ ultimate bug when her ultimate resets against enemies with untargetability. When you fire upon an enemy, have her ultimate reset, then fire on another enemy, the ultimate will fire into the enemy, then some spheres will selectively re-direct to another target (often the one who caused the original reset). This bug was fixed in the next patch (LCS isn’t playing on it).

Edit: The OP clip is a little insufficient, as you don’t see Ekko’s previous ultimate resetting Syndra’s R. Watch this one instead: . You can see two spheres try to fire off from the targeting phase, but he ‘doesn’t exist’, so it resets and freaks out a bit as a consequence. This leads into the bug later on. This is different from whiffing her ultimate (or a targeted ability) because the ability isn’t even firing–it’s trying to figure out if there is anything it can be firing at for it to exist -to- miss.

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I think this is really unfair the game wasn’t remade, since it gave TSM a fairly large advantage which may have led to the overall C9 loss. At a minimum, Riot should have utilised the tool which moves the game time back, nick named Chronobreak.