T-Mobile to enter LoL sponsorship

T-Mobile has announced they will be sponsoring Team SoloMid and Cloud 9

One of the biggest mobile companies in the United States has recently announced they will be sponsoring two of the biggest competitive League of Legends teams in North America. While both teams have previously received sponsorships together in the past, the deal is special in that it’s the first deal a major teleco has struck with esporting organisations.

North America has in the past been fairly behind other regions in esports and sponsorships, it’s a norm for teams in the Chinese and Korean region to be sponsored by a major company, for example, SK Telecom T1 with their sponsor being the company ‘SK Telecom”, and obviously “Samsung Galaxy” by “Samsung”.

While the deal with C9 and TSM is fairly…… weird in the way that the two teams are rivals, it’s still an overall positive move for the esports scene.