Tainted minds punished by Riot

Tainted Minds has recently been underfire for major player mismangement and mistreatment

Riot has finally laid down their decision to punish the Tainted Mind organization, finding them guilty of 2 major accusations forwarded by the player roster of the team. This comes after huge community backlash against the organisation for mistreating their players, as a result, the players went public and accused the organization of failing to provide proper equipment such as computers to practise, poor living conditions and the biggest of all, failing to pay players within reasonable time. It is believed that the organisation was struggle financially, which lead to players being paid extremely late, as a result, Riot issued an order where all players had to be paid within a certain date. However, the organization failed to do so, and as a result was found guilty of not paying players on time leading on to a massive $5000 AUS fine (around $3800 USD)

Riot also found the organisation guilty of failing to provide the team with suitable equipment according to their contracts, and as a result they faced an additional $2000 AUS fine. This along with the previous fine will total $7000 AUS, it will also come with a 6 month probation order which will force the team to corporate with its players and resolve the remaining issues. That said, this ruling from Riot will affect the team largely and may even cripple the team due to their poor financial situation.