Tainted Minds statement on OPL contract dispute

Tainted Minds on their former OPL roster’s contract dispute

In mid February, pretty much the whole Tainted Minds players along with their coach left after contacting a lawyer to get out of the contractual agreement. The roster claimed that the organization breached multiple contractual clauses and that it justified their decision to legally leave the team. It was claimed that the team were provided with unstable internet and electricity in the house along with a poor general sanitary situation.

In their statement :

Tainted Minds was advised by their legal counsel that the grounds disclosed for termination were not legally sufficient under the termination provisions in the team members’ contracts and were therefore of no effect,”

However, Tainted Minds management claimed that the issue was solved through mediation with the help of Riot games on February 6, 2017. Management also claimed that the termination of the contract came to a shock, since not only did they believe the majority of the issues were solved, but also that the team won a game a day before the shock announcement.

While most of the players have already agreed to a settlement to Tainted minds, there is a single, but major problem player for the organization. Not only has “Cake” declined any offers with TM for reconciliation, he has also threatened the organization to release chat logs between himself, players and TM unless he way paid $10,000. When questioned, he claims that it would cover his supposed damages, which sounds pretty absurd considering it is believed he is still being paid by TM.