Taliyah Champion Spotlight – Review – League of Legends


Taliyah the Stoneweaver has recently been announced as Riot’s next new champion.




Taliyah looks pretty cool, not only in splash art but also in game. She’s most likely to be played as a top laner, since getting to lane is quite easy with her passive and she doesn’t look to squishy either. Taliyah could also be played in the jungle, since she has tons of mobility with both her passive and ult. Her kit also includes a heap of CC, which will definitely help in the ganking process.



The passive gives you extra movement speed whenever Taliyah is out of combat and moving near a wall. This means if you play her as a laner, you can get back to lane super quick. The movement speed builds up the longer you are closer to the wall and out of combat.


The Q passive allows Taliyah to move quicker on “worked ground”.

The active of the Q is a straight skill shot which fires 5 fast projectiles. When the skill is activated, Taliyah creates a medium circular area around her which then becomes “worked ground” lasting for a few minutes. However, if you cast the skill over a previous “worked ground” area, you will only fire a single projectile instead of 5.


Taliyah’s W raises a pillar from the ground, similar to Trundle’s pillar. Her skill however has a brief delay before the pillar appears. This ability can be cast a second time in a specific direction to knock the enemy in that direction. The knock back created by the pillar knocks the enemy quite a distance back, and can even knock them over small walls.


The E creates a triangular area type terrain after a small delay where it does damage and slows the enemy. After the E is cast, the erupted terrain will then explode after a few second and also deal additional damage.


Taliyah’s ultimate allows her to travel quickly in a straight line, even over terrain. This skill has quite a far range and is perfect for ganks. This skill requires a short channel time, and the skill can be interrupted if Taliyah takes damage.