Tarzaned admit to elo boosting

Tarzaned claims to boosting 5-10 account a year

Popular Twitch streamer and Youtuber Tarzaned, also the former rank number 1 player in North America claimed on stream he had been, and currently still boost accounts. He announced this on stream, stating “I boost between 5 and 10 accounts in challenger every year”

He further adds that boosting is “the reason I have a careers, because of bad players”, then attacking other streamers stating if he didn’t boost, he would have a ‘donation bar’ to help pay his bills.

“I’m literally making 10k every challenger account, USD”

Tarzaned details he mostly details Chinese accounts, stating “Chinese people are literally the reason why I’m alive right now”.

As a result from admitting he boosts account, Tarzaned has been permanently suspended on all his accounts. But don’t fret as a Tarzaned fan, he will continue to stream and make videos as his ban is only account based, and he isn’t banned as a whole.