Tavern Brawl – 21/1/16


The current tavern brawl is another re-cycled one, and unfortunately, one of the less innovative and enjoyable ones. So why isn’t this one that good, its because not much though has gone into it, every turn a player will draw receive a tracking effect, and pick 1 of the 3 cards from a random deck. When you start out in this tavern brawl, you start off with a bunch of “Pirates”, which have a 2-3 stat which again, blizzard didn’t put much thought into because they removed the whole mulligan start from each player.

Tavern brawl mage


Since this tavern brawl is so basic, nothing much to be said for this one unfortunately. If I were to give you some help for this one, I’d recommend you pick mage since it includes mana big minions in the deck such as “Rhonin” and “Archmage Antonidas”, but most importantly, you have that hero power which will help you trade with your 2-3 pirates, against the enemy 2-3 pirates. Using the hero power will gain you value, and an card advantage, since two enemy 2-3’s would only cost you on of your pirates plus 2 hero powers, gaining you a 1 card advantage. Mage is also an ideal class since  Play this tavern brawl like a normal game, since it pretty is a normal game due to the minimal amount of changes, it is recommended that you play safe since you do not know what cards the enemy hero’s have. Don’t value card draw too much, since any card draw like Warlock hero power or for example, “arcane Intellect” from mage, only give you “Pirates”. The only way to get a “normal” card, would be from the tracking effect at the start of every turn.

Good luck with this tavern brawl, it’s very easy to win with mage, so give it a try ^.^

Cheers, Boozy