Tavern Brawl – 14/1/16



This week’s tavern brawl is yet, another recycled one that they’ve already done before. That said, is it one of the hardest and more fun ones out there, as you and the other player will have to work together in order to win. In order to win this particular brawl, you will have to beat the “boss” which is pictured as the massive card with taunt in the picture below by destroying him. This boss will used special skills each turn such as Deal damage to 3 opponents, Deal damage to both hero’s face, deal damage the highest attack minion and destroy lore walker cho. Aim for the brawl is to obviously kill him, before his skills kill you, and in-order to win, you have to use cards that help the other player as much as possible. If you fail to help the other play, you will most likely lose since you only have a limited number of turns. Like always, if you win the tavern braw for the time time, you will receive a classic pack.

Tavern brawl boss 14.1.16


In this brawl, you will be either playing as a druid, or as a mage. To win, use early cards to help your opponent such as “arcane golem”, “The Beast”, “Grove Tender” etc. Remember that you have a limited number of turns, so be sure to kill him as fast as you can. The boss can use his skills randomly, so put at least one minions on board so he will use the “deal damage to highest attack minion”, even if you have a 1 or 2 attack minion on board, he will still be able to use his skill. Do this to prevent damage to your face. All of his skill’s damage are based on how much attack power he has, another skill for him is also “gain 2 attack”. Since this deck is randomly generated, I cannot put a deck list up, but after you play a few time you will understand what type of card you since, since you will most likely not beat this tavern brawl at the first try. Note that you can win quite easily if you play with a friend, however, it will not count as a “win” and will not award with a card pack. That said, it is VERY fun when played with friends, since you can synchronize specific plays, like “Millhouse Manastorm” + “lorewalker cho” at a specific turns where both players will gain an advantage. Eg, Druid plays “Millhouse Manastorm” + “lorewalker cho”, so mage is then able to play double “fireball” + “pyro blast” + “forgotten torch” at 0 cost and also giving the druid all those spells too.

Druid tavern winThis one will take a few tries, take your time and have fun. Quite a challenging one, try it with friends and enjoy it while you can 😀

Good lucky, Cheers!